Transcervical insemination is a non invasive procedure that can be performed by anyone who has been properly trained in the technique.  The learning of the procedure is very straight forward and easy to understand.  The most difficult part is the actual hands on learning.  Almost every female dog is different.  The more practice you receive, the easier the procedure becomes.  Competence cannot be gained without a great deal of experience.  There is also a broad degree of variability in individual proficiency.  Developing the skill to thread the catheter through the cervix is not the only objective.  It is just as important to be able to identify the proper site for semen disposition and learning good sanitation practices.


Competence comes with practice and not all operators will become comfortable with doing the process until they have twenty or thirty breedings to their credit.  Every female dog’s cervix will appear different and each one will be of a different level of challenge.  There will come a time when you will be proficient at locating and catheterizing the cervix.  As you gain more experience, you will also gain confidence and pride in the fact that you know how to breed a female dog in the most humane way.
TCI is a powerful tool to have when it comes to a successful breeding program and it does help you to become more consistent with your breeding.
If you are a canine breeder and would like to learn how to do transcervical inseminations or if you would just like more information, call Gary Walker @ 205-353-1797.

This is how the cervix should look after it has been catheterized with a 5 French catheter.
Gary Walker, Breeding Consultant
Canine Breeding Consultant, is a service dedicated to providing knowledge, experience and training to the canine breeder.

As a specialists in TCI's, I can be of considerable help to those inexperienced or in need of help to increase the efficiency of their breeding program.  I have performed over 400 TCI procedures on mostly English and French Bulldogs.  TCI is the single most thing that can turn a breeding program in the right direction.  TCI cannot solve all your breeding problems, but if the female dog is free from infection, the stud dog's semen is good, the progesterone timing is right and the TCI was performed properly, the dog will become pregnant.  If the dog does not become pregnant, the process was compromised or a reproduction specialists should be consulted.

Semen is deposited directly into the uterus

Increases conception rates up to 100%

Excellent for use with poor quality or quantity semen

No stress from anesthesia and surgery

Excellent when using Fresh, Chilled or Frozen semen

Non invasive, no side effects

Multiple inseminations can be performed in a heat cycle


Semen quality and quantity

A female dog free from infections

Accurate timing

Semen deposited in the right spot

 In the six hour casual class you will learn how to:

     Purchase the equipment and it's proper use

     Clean and sterilize the equipment

     Prepare the semen before insemination

     Always be able to locate the cervix

     Do the complete TCI process in the most efficient way

     Be consistant and have greater than 90% conception rates


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